Virus-Free Workplace

Vaccines and COVID Testing

Flu shot clinics and COVID testing solutions.

We offer onsite flu shot clinics and targeted COVID testing strategies to keep employees healthy and the workplace virus-free.


Longevity provides employees with access and convenience by transforming your workplace into a clinical setting.

Flu Shots

Flu shots significantly reduce the spread of the seasonal flu virus in the workplace and the associated employee absenteeism.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID tests can be done as a one-time event or with some regularly for unvaccinated employees.

Longevity is committed to providing the highest quality testing.

All COVID-19 tests administered by Longevity are the highest quality available and authorized by the FDA under an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). Longevity offers viral tests (PCR) to detect active infection and antibody tests (serology) to identify previous exposure to COVID-19.

Flu Vaccine

The CDC recommends an annual flu vaccination as the best way to prevent contracting the seasonal flu. Our onsite clinics make flu shots easy and convenient for employees and management.


  • 1 in every 5 Americans contracts the flu every year.
  • Americans take approximately 75 million sick days per year due to the flu.
  • The flu cost employers an estimated $16 billion annually in lost productivity.

COVID Testing Solutions

The worst of the pandemic may be behind us; however, COVID-19 still remains a health risk in the workplace. We have a complete turnkey testing program for testing your unvaccinated employee population. We offer the following types of COVID testing.


  • PCR – Lab test for active infection with results in 2-3 days
  • Rapid antigen – Identifies active infection with results in 15 minutes
  • Antibody – Tests for previous infection with results in 15 minute

COVID Test Packages Include:

  • Electronic Consent Agreement – Employees consent to testing
  • Digital Reporting to Employees – Secure results reporting online and via secure phone app
  • Comprehensive Reporting to Employers – Aggregate and individual test results
  • Reporting to Government Agencies – We take care of the required regulatory reporting

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