Safely Back At Work

COVID-19 Testing

It’s time to get safely back at work.

We offer onsite testing events and targeted testing strategies to keep employees healthy. We will work with you to find the best testing solutions for your company.


We come to you with onsite testing for employee access and convenience. Repeat testing and tracking are available to keep your employees safe.

Customized For You

Customized plans are created for each organization to maximize efficacy and minimize cost.

Medical Experts

Our COVID-19 tests are extremely accurate and FDA approved. Tests are administered by skilled clinicians and analyzed at CLIA certified labs.

Committed to providing the highest quality testing as new technologies become available.

All COVID-19 tests administered by Longevity are the highest quality available and authorized by the FDA under an EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). Longevity offers viral tests (PCR) to detect active infection and antibody tests (serology) to identify previous exposure to COVID-19.

PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) Testing

PCR tests determine if an employee has an active COVID-19 infection. This test is most useful during the early stages of infection. PCR identifies COVID-19 by examining genetic material of the virus.

  • Detects active infection
  • Methodology: Nasal swab
  • Analyzation: Lab

Serology (Antibody) Testing

Serology testing detects antibodies that show if an individual has already been exposed to and produced an immune response to COVID-19 – even if symptoms were never experienced. Knowing an individual’s IgG and IgM antibody status can help employees and employers make informed decisions about returning to work or a need for PCR testing.


  • Detects current or previous infection
  • Methodology: Finger prick or blood draw
  • Analyzation: Onsite rapid results or Lab

Testing Event Packages

Our packages include testing events and targeted testing services. Test packages can include:
  • Questionnaire – Identify if an employee may be currently infected
  • Consent Agreement – Employees consent to testing and communication
  • Body Temperature Readings – Identify possible current infection
  • Reporting to Employees – Individual employee test results
  • Reporting to Employers – Aggregate and individual test results
  • Direct Follow Up – Direct communication to individuals who test positive for active infection.

Testing Is Only Part Of The Solution

In addition to onsite testing, Longevity is ready to help companies think comprehensively about their Safely Back At Work protocols. We are available to help provide consultation and assistance to find solutions to the following challenges that face companies today.

Education of staff and management

Communication Strategies

Hygiene and Cleaning

Environment Design to maximize physical distancing practices

Engineering and Ventilation

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